Kiuni Inspections
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KIUNI Inspection

With Kiuni Inspection, your on-site employees can gather critical data, find and fix issues, and continuously improve your operations. Create your own pre-built inspection forms specific to your industry and rely on a flexible form builder to customize any form to suit your needs as requirements evolve. Use any smartphone or tablet device to send mission critical data to a centralized and secure system.


Increase Professionalism

Checkpoints, task reminders, and notifications increase accountability and ensure that your workforce is performing efficiently.

Save Time

Quick and easy setup. Operate with any smartphone and pair forms with NFC tags or QR codes.

Handle Dynamic Environments

Create any type of form and modify them when requirements change. Don’t start from scratch, use templates and existing forms to quickly start new locations.

Peace of Mind

Daily reports on all site activity for you and even your clients. Monitor your employees' activity in real-time. Instant notifications for when problems arise.

Bid With Confidence

Kiuni Inspection gives you a competitive edge to acquire new accounts and increase satisfaction across your existing ones. Amaze your clients with innovative and unique ways to secure their assets.

Make it your own

White label the platform to reduce confusion and let your clients know it is your system. Ask us how.


Try Kiuni free for 30 days. No risk, and no credit card required.